Cut through the advertising clutter.

Cavai is a market-leading conversational adtech company, delivering
conversational ads in all formats across the web. Using our proprietary platform,
anyone can quickly get started building interactive ads and campaigns.

What is CAVAI?

This is CAVAI?

Cavai  provides "one liner" and video animation


People like to talk. People expect content to be tailored to them. People want to be heard. Let them be heard by you.


Using the Cavai platform, building conversational ads is easy. Simply drag and drop questions and answers into a dialogue tree, and let the platform do its work.


The tag exported from the platform can be pasted into any ad server, and fit into any ad placement, whether it be skyscrapers, banners or squares.

engage and convert

Cavai delivers conversational experiences that engage and convert. The Cavai platform is the leading conversational advertising platform in Europe. By combining human insight and our tech capabilities we always strive to find innovative ways to engage your digital audience. The Cavai platform enables text and voice based chatbot formats to serve on millions of websites, mobile apps, social media and programmatic TV.

We believe in the users right to privacy and our solutions are served contextually relevant in a premium and brand safe environment. Cavai chatbots fits directly in the current media buying workflow.


Pernille ødegaard pryser

We are delighted with the results of our conversational advertising campaign that we did together with Cavai. Not only are we happy with the results, but the collaboration has been fun, professional and very agile.

Digital Marketing Responsible at Nordea

Frode sylliaAsen

Conversational advertising formats have the potential to communicate with people on their terms. We are excited to work with Cavai in enabling this exciting future of advertising for our clients today.

Digital Director at OMD

Niklas koistinen

The co-operation with Cavai allows us to offer brands new ways to reach our core audience. We see real value in the unique and meaningful dialogues we can create between brands and readers on our medias. So far the results have been great.

Chief Digital Officer at Pop Media
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