doN’T shout at
your customers.
talk with them.

01. talk it through

Answering the actual questions potential customers has, opens up new doorways, lowers the barriers of entry, and eases potential doubts.

02. new knowledge

Learn more about your customers than ever before. See what they respond well to, discover where they lose interest.

03. no limits

With a conversational ad you have limitless talking points, covering any and all of your USPs, with a dialogue tailored to your brand.

do more with what
you got

You’ve had a tone of voice a long time, now finally you get a chance to speak. Using customer surveys, website data, audience insights and focus groups will always be relevant to any marketing strategy, and now you get a chance to put all your knowledge in action.

You wouldn’t talk the same way to a teenager as to a senior, so why should you show them the same banner? Sure, you can create many different banners, and try to target it programmatically, but even then, you will often hit the wrong target. Instead of guessing who the person on the other end is, and what they are interested in - why not just ask? "How old are you?" "Do you have children?"
Cavai doesn’t store any of the data, but the ad will respond accordingly. "Oh, so then you might be interested in..."

The ad can be tracked, and in that case all data is sent directly to you and/or your agency. You will get to see exactly how many answered, what they answered, what caused them to visit your website, type in their mail, or convert to a sale. Using conversational advertising, both you and your audience will learn more about your product than ever before.

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Pernille ødegaard pryser

We are delighted with the results of our conversational advertising campaign that we did together with Cavai. Not only are we happy with the results, but the collaboration has been fun, professional and very agile.

Digital Marketing Responsible at Nordea

Frode sylliaAsen

Conversational advertising formats have the potential to communicate with people on their terms. We are excited to work with Cavai in enabling this exciting future of advertising for our clients today.

Digital Director at OMD

Niklas koistinen

The co-operation with Cavai allows us to offer brands new ways to reach our core audience. We see real value in the unique and meaningful dialogues we can create between brands and readers on our medias. So far the results have been great.

Chief Digital Officer at Pop Media

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